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Innovents Uplighting for weddings and events in Berkshire.

Venue Uplighting for weddings and events in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. 


Lighting will totally change the look and feel of a space!

Picture how you want to feel when you enter your party... When lighting is done correctly it will stir the emotions or add that finished touch to your perfectly created room. 


 From matching your colour scheme,  whether that be stunning Cadbury's Purple, Coral or Royal Blue, we will bring your room alive in your chosen colour(s). 

Of course lighting does not have to just be static, when we add subtle changes or for the party we sync the lighting to the beat of the music, the effects are stunning.


It is not just the inside of venues we can bring to life with light, we can uplight the outside of buildings and outside features too, using our advanced architectural lighting. 


We have a slide show of examples for you below.


Please note that we use the latest state of the art Wireless and Wifi controlled Uplighting. This means no unsightly power cables, we can place the units in the perfect position within your venue, and control the colour wirelessly. 

Rivervale Barn - pic of uplighting
Uplighting at Rivervale Barn - Pink
Uplighting at Rivervale Barn - Blue
Rivervale Barn Uplighting
Uplighting Rivervale Barn
Uplighting in a tipi
Uplighting at Stoke Place
Uplighting at Oakley Court
Uplighting at Horsely Park
Uplighting at Sand Martins Golf club
First dance at Easthampstead Park
Uplighting at Northcote House
Uplighting at Royal Berkshire Hotel
Uplighting at Coworth Park
Uplighting at Northcote House
We often get asked what a room looks like with and without Uplighting, so here are a couple of before and after photos.


Please click on the relevant Disco section below for further information. 

More information about our Uplighting service:


Using the latest wireless technology, combined with our years of experience, will help us to create the perfect atmosphere using lighting as one of the key senses. Great sound combined with amazing lighting creates a powerful experience, when done properly.


We can match the uplighting to your colour schemes, or we can program the lighting to work with the music.  

  • Price starts from £250.00, please let us know your requirements for a full quotation.​


  • The price is discounted when you book uplighting with any of our disco packages.

We can design a custom package to suit individual projects. Different lighting tools can be combined to create tailored high visual impressions and moods.


Speak to us to find our more and gain help for your project.

Outdoor Uplighting:


Architectural lighting or outdoor uplighting as it is often called, can totally transform the look and feel of your venue.

Using high tech outdoor architectural lighting, we can create stunning effects, or bring your venue features alive.

Matching your colour schemes, or creating colour changing effects.

Below is some example photos of some of the venues we have transformed using outdoor uplighting effects.

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Uplighting 04
Outdoor Uplighting 03
Outdoor Uplighting 05
Outdoor Uplighting 02
Outdoor Uplighting 01
Outdoor Uplighting 07
Outdoor Uplighting 06

Price for Outdoor Uplighting:

We provide our Outdoor Uplighting for weddings and events throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. 

Please contact us for a quote based on your requirements.

Feel free to download a copy of our brochure below - just click on the pdf icon
Or you can read a copy of the brochure online below
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